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push lawn mower

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push lawn mower
I bought the mower last week and have used it twice.  When my gas mower broke down, the back lawn was only half cut.  After several more days of growth, it was very long when I finally had my Brill Razorcut 38 mower.  My husband tried it first and was surprised how easy it was to push.  Adjusting the cutting length was also a simple task.  It takes only seconds.  Assembling the mower took about 10 minutes.  We did have to go over the area that was very long twice, but the difficulty to push through the long grass was still no harder than the gas mower.   My own experience with grass of one weeks very active growth was that it is definitely easier to push than the small gas mower we had.
Other bonuses include:  1) the relatively quiet operation,
                                    2) the spaced saved in our storage shed, and;
                                    3) the light weight of the Brill.
This has turned out to be a splendid purchase.  I don't find it takes any longer to cut with this reel mower than it did with the gas mower so from a time perspective.. no change....from a pleasure's nice to hear the birds and my pond waterfall when cutting the grass rather than the roar of a motor.
Thanks to all the wonderful postings online for helping me make the right decision.  It's nice when the claims made for a product equals the experience one has with the product once purchased.    Judy Zych, Oakville, Ont.

We have a backyard that is difficult to get into with a gas mower (we have to carry it down some steps) We purchased the Brill Razor Cut 33 from Grun and we simply carry it down the stairs with ease and cut the lawn around our pool area. The mower is not only light, but it actually cuts the lawn better than our other lawnmower.    Darren Martel, Whitby Ont.

I have a trailer and this is the perfect mower. It stores in a very small area without the concern and smell of gas etc. The quality is ououtstanding and it looks as good as it works! Aaron DeCoe ,Fort McMurray, Alberta.

I was sceptical at first because i used to use a push reel lawnmower when I was younger and it was heavy and it rusted and required lots of sharpenings. When I tried my neighbors 38 I couldnt believe how easy it was to push, how light it was. I guess its not surprising really as things continue to be redisigned year after year and the German engineers have got this one right! so I bought one !  Morgan McCague, Whitby Ont.

I have a decent sized subdivision lot in Barrie and wanted to find an alternative to using gas mower, I just cant stand the thought. My research brought me to the conclusion that the best option was a cylinder mower and the best made on was by Brill. Luckily I found grun's web site advertised and went online and could get one in Canada. It was shipped to my door with no extra charge and my neighbors are all jealous!!!!   Dana Mac, Barrie Ont.

I really don't have patience for poorly made products especially if they are made in China. The Brill 38 is neither. Its very well designed and it feels great using it...kind of like the BMW of lawnmowers lol! Grun made it simple to buy and I love the fact that they use so many Canadian partners, especially when most web traffic flows to the!  Noah Aechenthal ,Thornhill, Ont.

I us my cylinder mower more than I ever did my gas, I guess its because I don't dread it...its kind of strange but true! the Brill mower I bought is so quiet and effortless that I look at it as excercise. My son Frankie can even help (he is 7) thanks to Grun I guess for bringing the product to Canadians. I think even my dog Butkus appreciates me giving up the gas mower!  Gino Iantorno Woodbridge Ont.

relief at last !!  for years everytime I used to cut the lawn (we have an older gas mower) I would feel literally sick and I tried my nighbours push reel mower and I couldnt believe it...i felt great!! I quickly bought a Razor Cut 33 and I've recycled  (deep 6'd) my earth and lung killer!  Tracey Wegner Ont,

We were familiar with the Brill line of garden tools as we spend a good deal of time in Europe, and in Germany to be specific. So when we found these excellent mowers for sale in Canada we were absolutely delighted. Good news for Canadians and for the environment.  John & Josee Corrigan, London Ont.

I own a reel mower and after having the blades sharpened the reel mower did not cut the grass to my satisfaction.  I then bought a battery operated mower; however, the battery did not seem to hold the charge.  I saw the Brill mower on the news one night and they stated that the blades do not require sharpening.  After researching the Brill Razor Cut Premium 38 mower I was anxious to find one; however, still a bit skeptical. I contacted Grun Canada customer care, and after receiving outstanding customer service from the representative, I was sold on the Brill Razor Cut Premium 38 mower.  I have a small lawn and I live in row housing with no backyard access.  The Brill Razor Cut Premium 38 mower is perfect for the job.  Not only is it razor sharp and lightweight, it has a cover which avoids cutting the plants as you mow.  I am extremely happy with mower and look forward to cutting the small bit of grass that I have to cut.Sue Hugginson Aurora,Ont.

I  love it. It is perfect for my property - a 40 by 90 foot lot. The Brill is lighter than my old reel mower and seems much sharper; it cuts the grass really neatly and evenly. It is such a pleasure to use that I actually look forward to cutting my grass which is a huge compliment from someone who doesn't like to garden. Kate Dingle Kitchener, Ont.

I love my mower. Its light and it cuts really well. Lone Jensen Calgary,Ont.

After actually seeing a Brill Razorcut Reel 38 mower, I was impressed with the quality of the construction, along with its extremely light weight, and  my decision to purchase was made.After taking it home, and using it for the first time, on longish  wet grass, which I thought would be a problem – but wasn’t , I was even more impressed.My lawn looks great, uniform height, no “mow” lines – a real carpet. In fact, my neighbor was so impressed he bought one too and because he works shift work enjoys the fact he can cut his lawn at 7:30 in the morning and not bother anybody with the noise of a gas mower. A great lawnmower! Bob Finnigan, Vice President, Heathwood Homes







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