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push lawn mower

push lawn mower

push lawn mower

push lawn mower

push lawn mower

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Cylinder Mowers

Brill Razor Cut Premium 33
Brill Razor Cut Premium 33

RazorCut Premium 33
Cutting width
33 cm
Cutting technology
blade cylinder, 5 blades
Cutting height adjustment with indicator
infinitely variable from 14-45 mm with monitoring scale on both sides
6.9 kg
Recommended for areas up to
200 sq. m
Contact-free cutting technology
Cylinder & bottom blade: special steel and precision-sharpened
maintenance-free because of anti-coiling device
Blade spindle mounted on ball bearings
Cover to protect flowers and shrubs
ergonomically shaped with foam rubber handle
Grass box
available as accessory

     The Razor Cut series mower handle breaks down quickly as a smart storage solution


     The cylinder cutter of the Razor Cut series has been flame hardened for long life and the ultimate in precision cutting. When cutting, the cylinder rides 100th of a millimeter from the blade for a touchless cut, which makes pushing the mower much easier and quieter as well as it eliminates the requirement for sharpening’s. Only precise engineering and manufacturing can permit this. In fact, the touchless cutting technology and the hardening of the cutting blades means no sharpening; compare that to the cost of sharpening an inferior and cheaper mower several times and you will find in the long run the Brill is cheaper!


push lawn mower     The cutter height is adjusted effortlessly with the twist of a wrist. The scales on each side help you measure your cut precisely from a tight 14 mm to 45 mm. The advantage of a cylinder mower is that it actually cuts the lawn, vs a rotary mower which beats the tops off so you can keep your lawn neater, shorter and still keep your lawn healthy and weed free.


     The Razor Cut series mowers have an exclusive blade guard, perfectly engineered to control your lawn clippings and disperse them back into your lawn for much desired nutrients. There may be occasions where you have let the lawn grow too long (and you are cutting too much off the lawn) or you have lawn beside a pool and you want to bag your clippings, there is an available grass catcher attachment for the Brill series.

quantity : 

$CAD 249.00

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