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There was a time when we used to think that the bigger; the badder; the better & that driving our huge SUV to the supermarket or to the kid's ball match empowered us.

Times have dramatically changed, and most of us think just a little differently now, and we find that helping the earth for today and for those to inherit it is significantly MORE empowering.  You likely know this and that is why you are here on this site!

To your neighbours, the Razor Cut 33/38 push reel / cylinder lawn mower makes a statement; that you are not only doing something good for your lawn, you are also doing something good for the environment...and you can even tell them while you cut the lawn because they can hear you! The Brill Razor Cut 33 / 38 are almost silent, you don't even hear the noise of a traditional push reel / cylinder lawn mower due to the German inspired "touchless cutting" technology.

here are some things that we are all talking about (just in case you forgot)

  • according to environment canada, each summer weekend, about 2.7 million Canadians mow their lawns, using 40 million gallons of gasoline a year & that running your gas powered lawnmower for one hour is equal to driving a new car for almost 500 kilometres
  • Asthma, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, allergies and many other human health problems have been linked to poor air quality.http: //
  • In one year, the average gas-powered lawn mower can emit the same amount of PM2.52 as the average car traveling about 3300 km The Razor Cut push reel mower emits NONE!
  • gasoline lawn mowers produce several types of pollutants, including polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, ozone precursors ; push reel mowers produce NO POLLUTION
  • The over 20,000,000 small engines sold in NA each year contribute about one tenth of the total mobile source hydrocarbon emissions, and are the largest single contributor to these non-road emissions

  • One problematic pollutant from mowers is polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, said Roger Westerholm, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the department of analytical chemistry at Stockholm University.

  • According to an EPA study prior to the Clean Air Act of 1990, small engines from lawn and garden equipment make up almost nine percent of some types of air pollution.

  • a push reel /cylinder mowere produces 0 carbon while cutting; & it also takes almost a 0 footprint in your garage!
  • cutting your lawn with a push reel / cylinder lawn mower is more sporting and cathartic (its actually enjoyable)
  • over 60,000 accidents/yr related to gas rotary lawn mowers
  • over 580,000,000 gallons of gas used annually to “feed” the gas rotary lawn mower
  • dramatically rising fuel costs / save $$ as Canadian pay more than $1.40/ltr gas
  • no noise or air pollution-go ahead, have a conversation with your neighbor while you mow your lawn and breath deeply! 
  • dependable – low maintenance; a cylinder mower always “starts”
  • light weight manouverability - storage and transport to lawn areas made simple
  • push reel / cylinder lawn mowers actually “cut” your lawn vs gas rotary mowers which means your lawn will ultimately be healthier and experience less stress=less weeds 
  • the Brill line of push reel / cylider lawn mowers are exceptionally easy to push; their touchless cutting technology eliminates drag from blades riding on a cutter 
  • the Brill line of push reel / cylider lawn mowers, with their exceptionally low weight to cutter ratio’s transfer the most amount of torque to the cutters as available today.

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